Do you need turbo boosted results for your business? What that looks like is a dedicated intensive VIP day where we work together to dig deep, identify the bottlenecks in your business processes, and implement real strategies to bring you results to take your business to the next level.

I will prepare an outlined schedule in advance based on your goals and the questionnaire.

Our day together will include:

  1. Big Picture/Exploration Session: Let’s see where we are and what’s possible 
  2. Integration Session: Key ingredients that are necessary to move forward with your vision
  3. Lunch/Relaxation Breaks: Time to recharge, fuel and rest breaks
  4. Reflection Session: Map out how moving forward looks, action plan, timelines
  5. Implementation Session: Organizing/improving/adapting your systems. Writing/proofreading/editing material and copy
  6. Drill down & Takeaways: Cheat sheets, templates, guides, plus I share the behind the scenes tools that I use to save time and support profitable businesses
USD $ 1,500.00