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Feb 22, 2020


This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.


Keeping track of several projects for various clients requires a lot of organization on the part of a VA.


If a Virtual Assistant has these three tools in their arsenal of productivity tools, chances are they have the skills to prepare, design, and produce a range of quality projects.



Customizing and automating work is why I am such a template gal. Think about it, they can be designed once, and then be customized depending on the niche or task on hand.


As a long-time office pro, another template friendly tool I am especially fond of is Microsoft Excel. The little Excel spreadsheet can be pretty mighty once it is loaded up with formulas and charts.


With Excel, you can kiss the time-consuming calculations goodbye, and get rid of aggravating bookkeeping and data entry errors.


Using templates in Excel allows you to crank out charts and stats like a pro. When doing any type of recurring financial or bookkeeping calculations, this is my go-to. It works for Virtual Assistants that like being able to stick to a format that is easy and flexible. 



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This is a one-size fits all solution from Google. A cloud-based platform is perfect for small businesses all the way up to the Fortune 500. You can find training guides, tips, and free resources in the G Suite Learning Center.


For a Virtual Assistant with retail clients, producing a gorgeous eye-catching look-book becomes a snap. There are no limits on the size of attachments, and Virtual Assistant’s know how much being able to transfer client files matters.


Collaborate with clients in real-time on documents and spreadsheets in your browser. Switching over from Microsoft is simple and you can sync your files to work faster.


You can even earn a Google Cloud certification in G Suite demonstrating your technical skills, and join the exclusive Google Cloud certified community. 

A free 14 day trial is available here:


3. MONDAY.COM is a virtual work hub ideal for a VA that works with many clients. In one place, you can see who is working on what, and what stage they are on. With just one click, you can easily import an Excel spreadsheet and turn it into a Monday board, and vice versa.


Keep track of the status, priority, and time spent on a task while making sure nothing slips through the cracks. You can integrate all of your tools such as Zapier, Slack, Trello and Dropbox. A free plan is available and no matter the size of the company, you can get a Kanban view with This is such an easy to use tool.



Get your projects completed more efficiently using templates, Google GSuite, and Want to find out how a Virtual Assistant can create better productivity in your business, let’s chat.

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