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Feb 28, 2020


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Are you a fan of listening to podcasts like I am? I think they are such a convenient way to get information on the go. There are hundreds of business, marketing, and entrepreneurship related podcasts but did you know there is a small podcast community dedicated to Virtual Assistants?

Android users can listen to podcasts using Google Play Music. For Apple users, simply download from the App Store (Podcast App comes pre-installed on iPads and iPhones).

A Virtual Assistant (VA) works independently to complete work remotely for a variety of clients, so these free podcasts are a great way for digital nomads such as Virtual Assistants to stay connected and up to date on their skills.

Here are 7 of some of the podcasts that I regularly listen to, and I hope you will find them as enjoyable and informative as I do.


1. The Support Squad: A Podcast for Virtual Assistants

Host Sharon Nissen delivers advice and tips to experienced Virtual Assistants and VA newbies alike. 


2. Help Me Work Online, Esther! with Esther Inman

Host Esther Inman shares her brilliant strategies to make money while working remotely as a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager. 




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6. The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

Host Jenna Kutcher brings 100% authenticity to her business and her brand, and obviously to her podcasts too as she shares Instagram insights and business wisdom.


7. Do It Scared® with Ruth Soukup

Host Ruth Soukup is a treasure trove of blogging and online business expertise. She connects with audiences in such an honest, real, and meaningful way to help business owners 'Do It Scared' and shift their mindset away from fear.


Listening to podcasts are an easy way to get the information you need when you're strapped for time. They are a must for any administrative professional, online business manager, or someone hoping to start working remotely as a Virtual Assistant.  

If you have a podcast and would like to learn about the many services a Virtual Assistant can help with, let’s chat

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3. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Host Amy Porterfield is an absolute pro at delivering marketing advice in an easy to understand way that makes you feel like you can take actionable steps to implement.


4. Side Hustle Pro with Nicaila Matthews Okome

Host Nicaila Matthews Okome has created an informative podcast full of guests from all industries. Her interviews are captivating and insightful and will leaving you having learned so much.


5. The Classy Career Girl Podcast with Anna Runyan

Host Anna Runyan delivers up equal parts career fulfillment and work life balance with this inspiring podcast.