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Apr 16, 2020



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Working from home has many benefits. You are in charge of when you begin, schedule your own breaks, and when you end your work.

It can be challenging when working alone, especially during these changing times, to stay motivated. I'm sharing some tips to keep motivated and on task while #WorkingRemotely.


Manage Your Mindset

If you recently began working from home like much of the world due to COVID-19, you've probably experienced a major shift in your daily routine.

Overnight, that morning commute has morphed from bumper to bumper traffic or crammed transit headaches to a taking a few steps into another room.  Be patient with yourself during the adjustment and transition to a new normal.


Set Goals

Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals on an ongoing basis will keep a remote worker motivated.

When your goals are in front of you in black and white, you can identify the resources you need to achieve them, such as hiring a Virtual Assistant or other support. Goals should always be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and include a timeframe for completion.


Take a Break

Plan to work in smaller increments of time, and schedule regular breaks and healthy snacks. As they say, time flies, and hours can go by quickly without even noticing.

Set a reminder to take regular short breaks from your screen and talk a walk. Even if you only get up to get a glass of water, you can stay motivated for a longer amount of time.


Reward Yourself

Long days and weeks working alone may eventually dull your creativity, enthusiasm, and motivation. If you have recently achieved a milestone or some other type of accomplishment, reward yourself for your efforts.

Planning small treats and larger rewards for finishing projects or client work may be the self-motivation you need.


Share and Stay Connected

Although we are working separately from others, we can still incorporate collaborative tools to make effective teamwork happen. Share updates and connect on LinkedIn.

Remote teams still have the flexibility to connect virtually while developing their communication strategies.

Staying accountable and connected in virtual work environment doesn't mean being tethered to a device 24/7, once you establish clear boundaries around staying connected.


Ongoing Professional Development

Develop a plan to keep your professional skills sharp. New software and apps are being introduced all the time, and although working solo you have to remain current.


I like to constantly learn new things. It is easier than ever to sign up for

online courses, such as edX Free Online Courses, and to download business books to add to a personal library.




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These are just a few ways this remote worker stays motivated when working from home.  What online business or remote work topics would you like me to write about next? Comment below or email me at with your ideas and suggestions.

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Renee Clark, August 20, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. Thank you for the tips. I will begin to incorporate a few in my day.  Again, thanks for sharing.

Peta-Gaye exceptionalADMIN ➥Renee Clark, August 20, 2020

I'm happy to hear you found these tips useful Renee.